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Puts an end to any argument

Puts an end to any argument







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good. yes.

OH. Plant monster dingus.

Hi I want a million of these pillows and I want to send them out to my family.

grass type pokemon keep getting weirder and weirder 

i have never wanted a pillow so bad before

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"STAND PROUD" by Jin Hashimoto


Not all trans people feel hatred for their bodies or their identities, this is a false and harmful assumption that is far more undesirable in the LGTBQIA community than young kids experimenting and understanding their gender ever will be. I don't quite understand how kids are the problem here and not shitty people who harm the LGTBQIA community? Like, kids are harmless and understanding themselves, shitty people are literally killing, harming, and making life shitty for trans people, not kids?


you wouldnt call yourself trans if you didnt have some form of dysphoria, and insinuating otherwise is wrong, harmful, and stupid

people (kids) slapping the trans label on themselves and turning the trans community/movement into this yuk-filled farce of a thing filled with glitterselves/bunselves is seriously slapping a legitimate movement in the face with stupidity. people who have gender dysphoria, who are confused, who are looking for answers, will look to the trans community for those answers. the last thing they need to see is a group of idiots who have a shopping list full of (grossly misused) identities who fancy themselves experts and social justice advocates confusing these people any more when they themselves dont understand half the identities and sexualities they slap on. and not only that, its these people (kids) who often are the most outspoken and make the trans community look like a rotten bunch of crazy idiots—anyone outside of it looking in sees this.

for real, how do you not see these dfab bigender nonbinary demisexual trans female identifying polysexual folks with fae pronouns as anything but a harmful caricature of the trans community

im not here to start yelling at you but please stop shaming others for how they identify, its really not cool or nice and it could really hurt somebodys feelings. i mean of course somebody is going to be upset at a person when they misgender them, especially when theyve listed their pronouns and all, and all your comics about "this is how i identify!! !1! DONT misgender me or else ur shit!!1!" well its... pretty shitty to misgender someone anyways, and yeah.


you know whats even shittier is making up stupid pronouns and parading around the internet as an advocate for lgbqt rights as if that excuses turning trans issues into this huge fucking joke

like try going through the thought process here: trans persons are living with the constant conflict and hatred for their bodies and identities and have a deep desire for a body and identity that is the opposite of the one they were given

what do dipshits with bun/kin/fae identities want to accomplish with these pronouns? do they wish to be thought of as bunnies/fairies/whatever-kin? do they struggle to be thought of, perceived as, accepted as bunnies/fairies/whatever-kins by society?? or are they stupid pronouns used by stupid people who don’t know jack shit about trans/gender identity issues, and think that just because they hate going through puberty, they need to slap a label on themselves?

seriously i dont like gettin’ all real talk here but fuck off with this shit already. there is a reason the majority of people outside of the internet and ON the internet dont take morons with spacefu/bun/flora identities seriously: it’s because the suggestion that we should is offensive to both legitimate trans persons, and insulting to our intelligence


there’s no love like the love of Turk and J.D


I’m cleaning up my folders and found these, some of my old doodles.


I’m cleaning up my folders and found these, some of my old doodles.





The Ziggy is in love with the Skitty!! DDD:

This would seriously be the sweetest love story of all time. It’s almost like Lady and the Tramp.


I found a bigger image and oh no he is so in love because of attract. He will have his heart broken.


Iori Yagami

Concept and sketches for KOF’95 by Shinkiro